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Teresa Arnold & Associates Public Relations \ Communications
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Teresa M. Arnold & Associates (TMA&A) of Toledo, OH, was formed in 1985 to serve privately-held small to medium companies that do not have the resources to conduct public relations campaigns in-house.


Big-Picture Public Relations Counsel

Virtually all action (and inaction) and activities of an organization have public relations ramifications. Public relations provides the overview and umbrella for many other functions within the organization. Public relations works on behalf of a company, but it can only do so when it can speak credibly and knowledgeably to the public and can inform management about public relations concerns with equal credibility and knowledge. This is why we are most effective when we provide input to top management before decisions are made.

Public relations is one of many tools that attempt to do the same job - create awareness. We start with research to elucidate the situation and we then create a plan to achieve your objectives. We use traditional public relations tools to implement the plan. Finally, we evaluate what we have done. Click here for a summarization of what we do.


Results Communications

You may call it marketing communications – a subspecies of public relations or an approach that integrates public relations, advertising and other communication to your markets. No matter what you call it, we call it results communication – communication that gets results for clients such as increased sales, increased web site traffic, and increased exposure to our clients’ products. We do this extremely well. Because of our journalistic background we can help you identify the stories that will be of interest to your potential customers and then we can start planting the seeds of story ideas with editors. We call our approach “proactive communication.” We identify all of the potential media that might want to do stories about your products – not just the two or three main ones. We process this data and follow up, follow up, follow up. The results may be feature stories or product stories that help establish your products in the markets you serve. The key is – we give editors what they want, when they want it and in the form that they need it. Editors often laud us for giving them material they can use when they need it. After all, they receive literally hundreds of press releases monthly, but if they are not written in the style they need, if they are not focused on the news, or if they are not timely, they do little good and very often are just thrown away.



Advertising is about where to place the ads and at what cost as much as it is about the design and content of the ads. We are excellent at choosing where to place ads and negotiating the best rates. We work with the best people to develop the design and content.

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